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Why You Need to Be Mindful of What Influences You. Part 1

Religion does matter! Evidently, it matters to billions of people around the World today because it influences and shapes economies and politics in most societies of the World.

These days, it is beyond the bounds of possibility to makes sense of many global events without recourse (inadvertently or otherwise) to the influence and impact of religion.

It is disheartening, however, to note that religious ignorance is on the rise in most societies today. It becomes even more worrisome when a segment of the society that is expected to know better, flagrantly display utter naivety that is unbecoming of them.

This piece is about the influence of religious ignorance on some people of my faith: The Christian Faith.

Nowadays, people are easily conned into believing made-up “facts” about people they really don’t have firsthand knowledge of or fooled into believing every semblance of theory that is tied to the name of Jesus Christ.

While some are trying to cure or curb the growth of ignorance via spiritual exorcism, others are taking advantage of people who have been raised with the mistaken impression that everything that sounds churchy is scriptural.

As a result, one will not be wrong to infer that religion and scriptural interpretations are currently playing key roles in influencing some armed or verbal confrontations around the world.

Images that come to mind are the presence of Christian rituals, symbols and language that was prevalent around Washington D.C on Jan 6th this year. As a matter of fact, there was a mock campaign banner, with the inscription “Jesus 2020,” in blue and red.

Before self-proclaimed members of the far-right group that go by the name “the Proud Boys”  allegedly marched toward the U.S. Capitol, they knelt in the street and prayed in the name of Jesus before they went into the capitol in an alleged attempt to take hostages.

Many lives were lost. Some of the alleged insurrectionist are facing charges.

A bad influence can lead to misjudgment and disasters of colossal scope.

A recent survey carried out in the United States of America  revealed that some evangelical pastors are currently battling with conspiracy theories and misinformation that have gripped some churches.

Theories are fast replacing the teachings of Jesus Christ in many Christian minds.

Sadly, most of these theories are not designed to be biblical. They are designed to meet the emotional and psychological needs of people who enjoy going down the rabbit hole of justifying every act of injustice or violence carried out in the name of defending the Christian faith.

The Bible says, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10.

The gospel of Jesus Christ should never be used as a weapon.

Be mindful of what influences you in the name of Jesus Christ.


  • Wow wow these are truth we need in these end time theories have far replacing Jesus

  • It’s really disheartening that people do or say anything in the name of Christianity.
    May God help us find truth always.

  • It is only the truth that makes a man free

  • X

  • A good read.Thank you for the update

  • Very factual piece and also knowing how backwards the gospel preachers have become all in the name of theories rather than Jesus teachings.

  • Thank you man!
    May the inspiration from the Almighty always be with you. Today we want to believe in false prophets than we believe in God’s words. For sure, we trust in those so call “prophet” than we trust in Jesus. That is why we believe in those conspiracy theories they come up with.
    May God help us all IJN. 🙏🏾


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