Breaking tradition

Where Do We Draw The Line?

Many things have changed. In fact, history and autography has taught and documented that life has greatly changed in the last one hundred years. Societies have gone from a rural, agricultural economy to a suburban, industrial, and technologically advanced one. Companies and nations are striving to catch up with the latest technology in proactive, reactive, and defensive security. Humans are upgrading their toys as they are rolled out. The entertainment industry is growing exponentially and has since become a leading model for most institutions including the Church.

theres-a-party-2_21129777Concerning modeling after Hollywood, many say the church has derailed from the apostolic model and as a result Christians are caught in the struggle between holiness and Hollywood. Ministries are now becoming dependent on entertainment to attract membership.

I believe that there is a legitimate place for entertainment in the life of a child of God. The Christian may relax, have some fun, and enjoy the good gifts that God has bequeathed to us and our family. The question is where do we draw the lines?

So, let agree on one point which is we all don’t have the same approach to the concept of church. While some view it as a playground; others see it as a workstation and battleground. Recently my pastor taught an illuminating message on how the church could be a hotel, home or hospital depending on individual spiritual needs. However we understand church, we need not be hypercritical of each other.

The Effect of Wrong Dependency

celebrating-with-champagne_446-19321625In a society saturated with entertainment venues like ours, it has become easy to now view the church service as another form of amusement, expecting it to satisfy our need for superficial pleasure. Instead of relying on the word to guide our faith, we may begin to rely on bringing in celebrities to attract and inspire us towards spiritual growth. The result is we may become recipients and spectators believing our faith will be a constant source of fun, free from challenges, and depending on others to entertain us. We may also lose the ability to take responsibility for our personal spiritual growth because of constant reliance on entertainment.

If we place entertainment above the great commission we may begin to ascribe value and meaning to things that are more captivating regardless their accuracy or truth.

Another danger on relying too heavily on entertainment is that it becomes the primary filter for how we perceive and react to our faith. This means the” rightness” or “wrongness” of some activities in the church or life of a Christian will be determined by celebrity endorsement or where the pendulum of public opinion heavily swings to.

The Christian life should always be a life of balance and moderation. We must also recognize that some things have not change since biblical days, and should not. These are truths and principles that must still guide us as we defend our faith in these last days. We must not only contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to us by the saints, but we must also strive to live as the saints of God in every area of lives. “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” I Corinthians 10:31



  • The walk of faith can only be attained by walking in the spirit, for only the spirit can guide. .
    Though times and seasons change, God does not.. this is a serious thought reflection on every Christian…for sometimes you might think you’re standing in right, yet still be in err, me Lord and direct my steps

  • Wonderful topic, this is one thing most christians struggle with, and am kinda an expert in that field but one thing that puzzles my mind is why do some christians try to draw the line for others based on their own personal convictions?


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