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What Time Is It?

I watched a video where members of the public in Nigeria, West Africa, aired their views about their faith and finances.  The ‘Seed Sowing’ debacle dominated their response.  As a de facto trust a network, faith is supposed to inspire and help humanity’s relationship with divinity grow. That was not the experience with most of the people in this video.

Whattime2I struggled with some of their views and opinions nevertheless I respected them sincerely. I have always believed that people’s opinions are mostly influenced by their encounters and experiences as they navigated through life.  Their views on finances as it relates to their faiths must have been caused by a crisis or challenges they must have experienced.

In a world where church dominations, like Hollywood celebrities, are constantly competing for attention one is forced to wonder if the true pursuit of salvation will ever prevail in critical area of Christian experience and ethics.

whattime3Egotism and competition is fast replacing enlightenment for salvation.

Whether we are directly aware of it or not we live in a critical time where our faith is experiencing manipulation and persecution.  Growing up in church, we heard more sermons about doing all we can so we are not left behind in this world after rapture than sermons on being left behind in trend. But today, the latter seems to have been overshadowed by the former.

It is time we stop confusing challenges we are supposed to overcome with challenges we are supposed to endure.

WHattime5As adherents of a faith preordained to be persecuted, we seem to have drifted more towards a philosophy of progress more than the theology of salvation. While progress is part of our faith, it is not supposed to replace our pursuit of spending life in eternity after time.

Is it time we stop leaving in denial and face the facts that we live in a world that denies ‘The Word’

It is time to abandon egotism and competition; it is time study and understands some of the crises or challenges that a Christian might face in expressing a life of biblical faith in our culture today.





  • I’ve nurtured this all these while thinking I’m the only one with this views until you came up with this article which I gladly read through humbly and pray the world reads this so the WORD can be understand so the world will change via the WORD. Bless you sir

  • Thanks for this beautiful piece. We need more of this, especially on this part of the world. Ignorance has robbed many of the essence of our faith(Christianity)

  • You are right Dimas, it’s so sad how we are so quickly drifting to the things that we are warned about – ‘perilous time’!


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