Three Poweful Words

The snow storm that hit the east coast of The United States a little over a week ago grounded flights, shuttered schools and buried roads with a surprising 29.2 inches of snow where I live. I kept looking out of the window and wondered why one of my neighbors decided to keep shoveling his driveway in the snow for about two days with few breaks in between. When it was all over, I stepped out to shovel my walkway and drive way but gave up after much work from the impact of the snow.

“Refusing to ask for help when you need it is refusing someone the chance to be helpful.” -Ric Ocasek

Snow2I stood with my knees buried in snow thinking of what next to do. Then I remembered my neighbor has a snow blower. I called and asked if I could borrow it when he was done and then pay for it or at least get him gas when done with it. He graciously agreed and not only did he give it to me but he also came over to show me how to operate it. He was more than kind enough to also give three other members of the community who stepped up to ask for his help.


Air crafts have power engines and capacity to reach speed limits that help them defy gravity for takeoff. Even though they are capable of moving themselves backwards on the ground using reverse thrust, which is a procedure referred to as a power back, the resulting jet blast from that process may cause damage to the terminal building or equipment. Engines close to the ground may also blow sand and debris forward and then suck it into the engine, causing damage to the engine. They are usually moved away from off the boarding gate for taxiing to the run way with the help of a push back tractor in a process known as ‘Push back’. Sometimes the help you may need is not because you are weak. It is needed to prevent any damage your potential might cause if help such as push back is lacking.

As Christians, we need to share our resources, time and knowledge if we have what it takes.

Asking for help when you are stuck in your endeavor is a natural extension of human existence. No diligent person should be ashamed or burdened to ask for help. But it’s appalling how we often wrap our pain in pride. This is really not going to help any individual who wants to have an achievement in life. I have seen a lot of people fall into embarrassing situations because they are too arrogant to ask for help. In order to fix a problem we have repeatedly failed to fix ourselves, we must first admit we have the problem and be humble enough to ask for help when we need it. No doubt there are people who find it hard to ask for help due to life experiences. The way to go is not to stop asking but rather be careful who you approach for help.



  • Absolutely true! God bless you.


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