The End of Time

It was a Monday and I had just settled down in my cube when I got a text from my friend who got married two months ago. I was his best man at the occasion.   Nothing in this world would have prepared me for the disheartening news I was about to read from his text that morning. The one sentence text read ‘I lost my wife this morning’. I quickly called back and truly his wife had just passed away after two months of marriage.  She died in the hospital after been rushed there when she collapsed. May her soul rest in peace.  Amen
New Year3I went through the rest of the day struggling to make sense of this tragedy. The thoughts that the gentle, soft spoken bride I worked with to set up the wedding website and other wedding logistics is no more messed up my faculties. The calamity brings  to mind the topic of time and eternity. It Indeed, it is the end of time and the beginning of eternity for my friend’s wife.
Eternity is defined as ‘infinite or unending time’. In simple terms, eternity is a motionless, changeless state, remote and qualitatively distinct from time. Things change in time but do not change in eternity. Time has and still accords us opportunity to change. That option is not available in eternity. 
Ours has become a generation that prefers to live life as convenient instead of as commanded and taught by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  Our choice of doctrines or topics, approach to life and response to events around us betrays how far we have gone from treating eternal life as a rudimentary topic. Rather, we now see it as an unimportant matter in our quest to belong to the elite circle or status in the Christian world in deep romance with activities and competition to fit into slogans such as ‘The fastest growing ’, ‘most trending’, ’largest gathering’, ’Most powerful or anointed’ etc.
life1Living in the light of eternity changes your priorities -Rick Warren
The writer of Hebrews speaks of Jesus Christ as “the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him” ( Heb 5:9 ).  “People are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.  Hebrew 9:27 (New International Version). The resurrections of the dead and eternal judgment when this life is over are rudimentary truths we believers should never lose sight of. Death in flesh brings an end to every activity in time and the beginning of eternity. Jesus Christ offers hope and entry into an unending blessed future before God.  Happier prospects await all who truly embrace the grace of God given through Jesus Christ in this present.
time2Don’t let anything or anybody steal your opportunity to enjoy everlasting life in eternity. Make it your highest priority to follow the trajectory of Jesus’ foot prints as you navigate through time in our ever changing world.


  • May her soul rest in peace, may the Holy Spirit comfort the widower and may we all run the race to the glorious finish.


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