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The Difference Between Instinct and Knowledge.

One of my favorite times of the year is getting to attend Global Leadership Summit, a two-day leadership event hosted by Willow Creek Association. Leaders, pastors, consultants and executives from faith, arts, media, business, economics and government are invited to teach about leadership, communication, team building, strategy and implementation. I always leave the program with new insight on the importance of the mind and impact of learning in life.

praises-4_2838283You need faith to operate in the supernatural and knowledge to develop or advance in the natural.

Contemporary Christianity has, over the years, placed emphasis on faith, miracle and prosperity above the importance task of acquiring and growing in knowledge. While there is nothing wrong with the three things I have listed above, limiting people to the three amounts to a serious ignorance and disrespect on the importance of empowering them to use their minds.

We are called to preach truth and also teach knowledge and understanding of the truth

The biblical account of the life and time of Jesus showed that He went about liberating, educating and empowering His followers.

With this in mind, the preaching and teaching of the gospel is not supposed to make people see themselves as second-class citizens in the kingdom of God.

Instinct is for survival and knowledge is for development.  instinct1

Instinct is ability we are born with. The human mind from birth is wired with instinct. That is why my first daughter, after birth, had to cry when hungry or wants something. When she eventually turned three, she began to learn how to use her words and not her emotion when she needs something. She learnt more from her parents, Sunday School and day care teachers, television, friends and family, and now learning more from reading books. Knowledge is ability we acquire overtime.

Learning is a lifelong process that extends beyond the church and classroom. So, why restrict yourself to these settings?


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