Breaking tradition

The Basics: Where did they go?

I honored an invitation to watch a football game with a friend in his house a few weeks ago. He gladly welcomed me in and introduced his roommate who grew up in the same part I grew up in Nigeria. We shook hands and sat down to catch some gist. My friend then said to his roommate ‘hey, I think you should talk to David since you want to go into IT’ (Information Technology). ‘What do you do?’ the roommate asked me. I told him what I do to which he responded ‘that’s what I want to do. I tried getting training once, but the guy I met was a really bad teacher’. Well, I think you need to first understand and master the basics, I answered. ‘What are the basics?’ He followed up. I started explaining to him only to find out that my past projects were advanced and I had relegated the basics to the back of my retention faculty. I answered all his questions enjoyed the game and all went home.

The above is true of  what is prevalent in Christian

We seem to focus on Advance hermeneutics and revelation and have relegated the basics of Christianity to the hindmost.

Someone sent me a ten minutes video of a speaker with exalted status in Christianity. I watched with enthralled attention since it’s a man many look up to. At the end all I heard him encourage was violence, vengeance and hatred. What happened to the basic teachings of love, perseverance, endurance and forgiveness which Jesus taught? My old question quickly came back to attention: The Basics. Where did they go?
It is true that, as Christians, we have gone through a lot. We have always gone through a lot, at least from what we read from the bible as well as history books and current events around the world. It is all right to have differences of opinion on this. But that is no justification for division or even incite anger. There is nothing about hatred, violence or vengeance in the preaching of Jesus Christ. His message was that of love and no one was excluded from His life or His love. These are His words:
“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, 45 that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; Matthew 5:43 – 45.

girl-blowing-hearts_21195623Being a Christian is not about imposing justice on or even for others. We are defined by love and should bear its beam.

The Beauty of Christianity
Christianity is adjudged by Christians’ examples because we are saved to be Christ’s example. We His followers are fallible human beings struggling to overcome our own demons as we navigate through challenges of life. Sometimes we fail. The beauty of Christianity is that Christ gently picks us up again, forgives us, and helps us back on the right path.
You Will love this featured song by Holly Starr tiltled “Don’t have love”:

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  • Christians have truely forgotten the commandment that summarizes the rest of Gos’s commandments; to Love. Its sad, really sad. Lets share this message and walk in love. That’s how we’ll make the world better! God’s grace is sufficient for us even when we think its so hard to love sometimes. God help us all.

  • The best part that captivated my attention was the Beauty of christainity.No matter our filtiness,God still pick us up and forgive us.That’s why I love Romans 12:17-21 and Matthew 5&6.They speak about the basics of life. If we must be successful,let our thoughts and words go with God’s commandment&precept.

  • Tnx 4 d WORD. Truly inspiring.

  • Though is not so easy to be a good christian and show love to one another but it is never hard to give God a chance to help you through all difficulties in life,only if we follow his ways. God is life……

  • DD, thanks for driving our consciousness back the core of our faith, LOVE. John 7:38:” Rivers of living water shall flow from the inmost being of anyone who believes in me”, that represents undying love, one that is unconditional, if God created us in His image, then we must live like Him; love is sacrifice, Our creator, maker and God sacrificed His son so we can be reconciled with Him after our fall from His presence, the grace we have in Him is out of His love for us. May that grace be sufficient for us to live to please our God, in love. KO

  • its funny how God made everything simple but we make it difficult, maybe for some reason we believe when somethiing is complicated then we identify with it. i will make sure i personally do not forget the basic. amazing work Dimas,God bless

  • Jesus Christ in his journey here on earth emphasises love even to people who desire his hurt! You could see that on how He healed the centurion’s child, the woman with the issue of blood and even the Pharisees servant ears when they came to arrest him to crucify. He knew what awaits Him was death, but still he rebuked his disciple for cutting the servant’s ears off.
    I wonder what you and I would have done if we were in Jesus’s shoes in that garden?
    May we continue to learn the master’s ways until He calls us home!

  • The basics; LOVE
    God wants us to Love Him and Love our neighbors as we love we (ourselves)

  • The wickedness of man has gradually erased the word Love from the face of the earth,violence and extreme bitterness, witchcraft , hatred and the hunger for power and dominance has fast replaced Love.


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