The Act of Determination

I love to exercise at least twice a week. So I hit the gym Wednesdays and try my best to play soccer every Saturday. But I had to be in a very important meeting in church on one particular Saturday so I decided to join a boot camp class which takes place Wednesdays and Fridays in my gym to make up  for my Saturday soccer game I was going to miss. Walking in casually, I felt it was going to be an easy 60 minutes workout since I play soccer for longer period every Saturday. But I was totally wrong. I was totally ready to give up 25 minutes into the workout. It was intensive and exhaustive.

teamThe instructor asked us to pick a partner so I paired with this gentleman who was also struggling. We had two things in common: tired and determined not to give up. So we became a team. We kept encouraging each other till the end. We made it!

I struggled in the next two classes and went through serious joint and muscle aches but I finally got my fitness level at par with the rest of the people in the class.

The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do or fail to do.

Determination is an inner quality that many people lack. Unfortunately, many are unaware that determination is what you need to achieve every goal you have set for yourself in life.  I have no doubt that you have a passion. It might be running a business, teaching, helping people or feeding the homeless. Determination is a key quality that can help you. Will you sometimes stumble or fall as you journey towards the goals and passions? Absolutely. Life might throw curves at you or knock you down. But there is no problem in falling down, the problem is when you don’t try to get back up if you fall.

Determination is a key factor in your journey to achieve your goals and engage your passions to produce the results you desire.

There is nowhere in the Bible where we, as Christians, were promised challenge free walk through this earth. The Bible says “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you.”  Isaiah 43:2 God has promised to see us through if we take the steps needed.

hudleDon’t just be a person. Be a passionate and determined person, and refuse to throw in the towel on goals and passion no matter the obstacles or challenges you encounter as you journey towards success. Before you know it, you will see results that will push you to continue.


  • DD,
    Your words of encouragement and motivation are in season. Thanks.

  • Great piece to fuel someone to move. Thanks my bros

  • Everyday word for everyone in every season of life. Great piece sir.

  • Wow!!! Was just laying on my bed lazying around trying to give up on some things I felt was not moving on d way I wanted and thinking of quitting cos I felt i had invested too much time on it…. Thank u for telling me to keep at it… God Bless u

    • Thanks My beloved Sister. Thanks for visiting

  • Bless you my brother this is a refreshing reminder.

  • Timely Bless you

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