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Stop The Self-Abuse.

Are you one of those raised in a society where people elevate and talk more about failures and not resilience? Has society termed you to be a failure? Has your self-worth been wounded by mockery from people who you once saw as your cheerleaders? Have you been, lately, thinking of giving up?

If your answers to these questions are all yes, then I have news for you.

You don’t have to sentence yourself to life in the prison of deflated self-esteem simply because people tout your failure instead of celebrating your effort or input.

I like to encourage you to stop destroying your ability to feel good about your efforts all because people see your recent failure as who you are or your final attempt to get to your goals.

To them, your recent or past failure might be all they see. But like Winston Churchill said the courage to continue is what really counts.  Try and try again. Keep trying.

Avoid looking down on yourself because of the glory in other people’s lives. Don’t stop appreciating yourself because of other people’s groomed social media feed.

Regardless of what you do, people will always expect you to measure up to a societal standard of looks or definition of success. Succumbing to this pressure will only add your name to the growing number of people surrendering to society’s vainglorious standard of prosperity: A people who see having more debt and liabilities over having assets as a sign of prosperity.  

Beware of giving in to the extended tussle between the desire to self-actualize and the compulsion to dance to society’s seductive tunes of hollowness. The dancing will only leave you emotionally drained, intellectually enfeebled, and spiritually adrift.

I implore you to tune out cynical voices and tune in true cheerleaders, and people who inspire you with results and their accounts of triumph over failure.

It is time to stop the self-abuse.

David Dimas.


  • Thank u for that word i need to hear this.thann u nagode

  • Wow! So powerful! Many of us need to hear this. Punchy and piercing.

  • Words for our present generation and beyond!
    I hope people get this message!
    Well done sir.


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