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Represent & Reflect.

As I laboriously look through the Jeans section I heard a voice ask “why are you shaking your head sir?” To which I answered “I know they most have been out of my size cos a lot of people wear my size” while I turned to see who it was. It was a gentleman. “What size do you wear sir?” he continued. I told him and he said “well, you are right. I could not fine it. Any way, they say it is a sin to wear jeans to church”. I wasted no time in retorting “No sir. It is a sin for anybody to tell you that it is a sin for you to wear jeans to church”. By this time we had suspended our jeans shopping. I relaxed to hear him out. “Well, they told me that. They judge what I do and what I wear” he concluded. I jumped at the opportunity to share with this man about the love of God beyond the impression his church experience had molded in his mind.

“Churches are not museums that display perfect people. They are hospital where the wounded, hurt injured and broken find healing” – Nicky Gumbel

 If I am asked to consider a purpose statement for the church I would say it is written in the Acts 2:42 which says: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” (ESV).  It is all about teaching, fellowship and praying together and encouraging one another.


The early church was not without her challenges. But they rose above it through love and perseverance, and spread the good news of love and eternal life as it were. The church is supposed to be a place where people are loved and equipped and not where people are enslaved, wounded, hurt or even locked out because they don’t belong to a particular class.

“If becoming “religious” has made you more judgmental, rude, harsh, a backbiter, you need to check if you are worshiping God or your ego.” ― Moosa Rahat

 I remember a story told by a guest minister somewhere about pastor of a mega church who turned back a man who could not afford good cloths twice to go ask God to teach and help him know how to dress to his church or else should never come back. The poorly dressed man showed up to the anger of the pastor the third time and said “I asked God. But He said He does not know how you dress in you church becausese He has never been there.”

We have been called to represent and reflect Jesus Christ to the world so let us do all we can fulfill this mandate.


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