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Persistence Will Take You To Your Ambition.

About a week ago, I watched an interesting TV show titled “Animals Gone Wild”. It is a compilation of armature   videos of strange encounters with domestic and wild animals at home and in the wild. A footage that inspired me was that of an eagle.

eagle3This eagle came swooping down with the speed of about 200 miles per hour to catch a prey lurking below the surface of a river.

Size does not matter when you have the right skillset, tools or weapons.

Astonishingly, the eagle got stock with half of its body stuck in the water while its unseen prey in its talons beneath the surface of the water. The victim having advantage in water began putting up a big fight to remain underwater as the eagle held on and began doing something startling. It began flapping its huge wings on the water and swan to the bank of the river with the catch, a very large and tough red fish.

Persistence will always take you to your ambition.accent_2268921

There are times when challenges and consecutive setbacks make success seem unattainable. Bumps begin to look like mountains and the only option might be giving up. It is ok to feel the pressure when you fail or fall. But it is not ok to dwell in that spot or state. Persistence will help you arrive to your destination.

Don’t compare the number of times you have failed with somebody’s cooked up story of one instant success.

Rise up and remember the commitment to your goals. Bumps are not mountains. Even mountains can be conquered. Also remember that the world is full of people who failed time after time as they worked to achieve their dreams and walked towards their destiny.

A human without persistence will always be at the mercy of lies and excuses.

freedom_2789103Success does not come to people who make whining and giving excuses a career. Instead, see every mistake in your quest to reach your goal as an addition to your wealth of experience.


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