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Persist until you succeed.

I watched a show titled ‘Unsung’ last night. It is a show about some of the most influential, talented and yet, somehow forgotten artist from all genres of music. This episode featured Yolanda Whitaker popularly known by her stage name ‘Yoyo’. It portrayed her journey from a protégé of hard core rapper and recording with artist called Ice cube to becoming a mother, mentor, and a wife of a mayor. In the concluding part of the show, she made a statement that stuck with me. She said ‘If you find your passion, then you will find your purpose”,


The choice weather to quit or keep trying is yours.  No one else can make it for you. man

The personal desire to achieve happiness and attain set goals is a quality almost all determined humans share, however we all don’t have the same opportunities or privileges. While many acknowledge this as a sign that they are never created or wired to make any impact in life, others never stop at nothing until achieve their purpose. Almost every great men and women had two things in common; setbacks and persistence in the face of the setbacks. They succeeded because they saw every failure as a temporary setback with an opportunity to improve on the setback.

ChangeYou can become everything you are capable of becoming.

In a recent personal study on the character King David in the Bible, I discovered that the great King David once occupied a despicable position in his family. If anybody had reasons to commit suicide or accept his faith as an outcast, it would have been David since he was surely not qualified. Against all odds, he made history as one of the greatest warriors that walk upon the face of the earth. Although he was not a perfect King, David attributed all he did to God and hard work. You can see some of his credits in Psalm 18. Don’t allow fear dominate your feeling and your thinking.

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Truly, nothing fuels purpose like passion. In many years of working with Christians and non-Christians. I got to discover that we Christians seem to have a mistaken impression of mentorship. In a bid to follow a mentor we substitute our purpose for theirs because we pursue their passion and not ours. Your Ability to discover your passion, set clear goals and works towards achieving them as you navigate through life and time will help guarantee fulfilling your purpose in life.

climbing-stairs_26459076 Ways you can keep yourself on track.

1. Challenge your assumptions. In most cases you will find out that they are assumptions and not facts or realities.
2. Identify who or what controls you and determine if they are in any way an asset or liability to your pursuit of purpose.
3. Identify the gaps between where you are and where you want to be as well as who you are and who you want to be and start working on covering them.
4. Continue to trust God to help you in all your undertakings
5. Develop an attitude of optimism and self-actualization
6. Persist until you succeed.


  • We are made strong by His grace. Seasons of life.

  • O’ what a piece! So inspiring and encouraging. In fact, I completely concur with the mentorship part that says:

    “In a bid to follow a mentor,
    we substitute our purpose for
    theirs because we pursue their
    passion and not ours”

    A vivid and true picture of our good-selves. Thanks Mr. Dimas and please more of those writeups. BRAVO!

  • Awesome, inspirational and informative blog post.


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