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No Competition Needed

I was attending an all-day hands on productivity training session with over twenty colleagues. As the resource person gave instructions for the attendees to open up a page and type in personal answers in few sentences to questions she had on her presentation, I suddenly realized that my typing speed was nothing compared to the lady sitting next to me. She was pretty fast and ended in no time. My typing speed, to me, is above average and pretty descent. But I saw myself trying to catchup with the lady whenever we are asked to do any hands on task. Before I knew it, I had spent twenty minutes playing typing speed competition. And my focus had shifted from the training to just typing speed.

Competition has thrived in the corporate world. It is the platform upon which companies and organizations thrive or fail. Athletes live by it and economies grow by it.

Christ came to build relationship and not religion.

While it is true that competition is the standard by which all are measured and assessed by in our world today, it really should not be so among churches and Christians. The walls of division and competition will only hinder us from being who God has created us to be and doing what Jesus Christ has commissioned us to do. Jesus prayed that we all might be one, as the Father and He are one saying: “that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me” John 17:21.

There is no power in religion but there is so much power in relationship.

It is time we address the ill-advised spirit of competition in our culture where one group attempts to defeat and humiliate another group, and feel proud of their defeat of the other side. Let us not be people who plan and manipulate in a vain effort to exalt ourselves above others. Let us radiate the true love that represents our God by following and living out His commandments and keep off denominational competition, and malicious Christianity where Christians are encouraged to create more enemies than friends for themselves and the lordship of Jesus Christ.


Competition will only make you shift your focus from true fellowship and genuine pursuit of a growing relationship with God to doing all manner of ungodly things to get the attention of men. This is not God’s plan for you or His church.


  • What an Insightful article to liberate us from unnecessary competition and a displacement of priority

  • Dear bro Dimas,

    Thanks for converting your experience to a living message for us.

    Realy the world system is built on a life of competition, with people taking advantages of competitive edge.

    However, the Church of God is built on a complementary relationship, and we can take the advantage of the synergy in these relationships.

    Consequently, as the bible say’s ‘one shall chase a thousand and two shall put ten thousand to flight’.

    May God give us more grace to learn from both our and other people experiences.

    Thanks Again.

  • Good exhortation; unity, not competition is the power for kingdom progress, thank you for sharing.


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