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Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions

I woke up to a horrible news at 2 A.M. My mom said the family commercial bus that was usually parked outside has been stolen. My dad found out about the horrible incidence when he went to the rest room. The keys were with my mum but the bus was gone. Neighbors and kinsmen living nearby who heard about the incident rushed out to help in any way they could. We broke into search parties and went in different directions in an attempt to stop the thief or thieves from getting away. Unfortunately our efforts yielded no results as all parties, after about 4 hours, came back without finding the Bus.


Inaccurate information is as powerful as Accurate Information.

The commercial driver who had dropped off the keys with my mom the previous night showed up wondering why so many people were gathered in front of our house. My mom then gave him the bad news in a low tone, “Our Bus has been stolen”. “Which Bus” he asked. “The Bus is not missing. It had minor fault on my way back last night so I left it at the Mechanic garage and only dropped off the keys with you. I have come to get the keys so the mechanic can quickly fix the issue before I start the work for the day” he said. What an interesting turn of event. The entire search party had worked with information my father passed on to my mother when he notice the bus was missing from its usual parking spot before he went out as a one man search party. My mother then passed it on to me and the rest of the search party. We all paid for my dad’s unintended act of communication passing a wrong information.

question5Information is currently, arguably, the most powerful force in the world.

We tend to take every information we are not very knowledgeable about as truth and assume it is accurate unless we know for certain that it is not. We assume that everybody who posts things online, writes books or even stands with a microphone in religious or public platforms, has the credentials to be dishing out that information. Otherwise, why would he or she pass information if she does not possess the ability? Truth be told. There are cases where inaccurate information has been passed and still being passed from ‘credible’ or ‘trusted’ sources. As a result, the misleading or incorrect details presented as facts and repeated frequently have been accepted as genuine and used to promote specific or passionate agendas. It is wrong for any leader and preacher to assume his personality is being probed when people tend to question the integrity of the information he or she is passing. Unfortunately, that is an existing and growing scenario these days.

question1“An objection is not a rejection; it is simply a request for more information.” -Bo Bennett

The Bible in Acts Chapter 17 verse 11 Speaks of the Berean Christians. (These were residents of the city of Berea in Macedonia in the time of Paul the Apostle.) They honestly listened to messages preached to them but also examined what they heard by comparing it to the Old Testament Scriptures. The fact that they listened and conducted further personal research led many Bereans to faith in Jesus as the Messiah. This expansion of Christianity was not limited to those within the synagogue, but also extended to many Greek men and women in Berea. Paul did not declare these people to be rebels as most people I have encountered. It is written in the Bible “And the people of Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul’s message. They searched the scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth.” Acts 17: 11 New International Version. We live in a world filled with information. Hence, the need for passing and receiving accurate information at all times. You should never be afraid to ask questions in your quest for knowledge till you are confident of information passed down to you as you may also pass it on to others.


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