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Ending Blame Game

paperI took time, during the weekend, to review all my goals for the year. Well it seems like I am on track and I’ve have met a lot of them. I later found myself pushing a lot of blame towards to other external circumstances over my inability to meet some of the other goals. After taking a step out of my psychological tantrums, it became clear to me that I was opening the door to responsibility avoidance mentality.  I took the next 48 hours to school myself in the act of taking personal responsibility.

“When you blame others, you give up your power to change. ”Unknown

I love to confess that I think the concept of personal responsibility is hardly taught these days. Hence the rise in the blame game and lubrication of our human ego defense system mechanisms.  Everyone seems to blame everybody for something or, in some cases everything.  Some Christians actually blame the devil to hide their laziness. However, I am definitely not defending the devil.

Every excuse you make for not taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions will always make sense to only you.

Self-justification always gives birth to another, setting off a domino effect that might send you more and more off track in your life and career. That is nothing but a self-inspired recipe for remaining an under achiever in life. Don’t let this mentality become the birthplace of your views in life as you navigate through your career or chosen path.

Contrary to what people think, accepting responsibility is a sign of maturity and not weakness. 

boxWhen you accept responsibility for who you are, where you are, the choices you made and the resulting consequences, it enables you recalibrate so you can focus on new and endless opportunities ahead of you to start working on whom you want to become or where you want to be.

The first step towards breaking the habit of responding to a topic by blaming someone else for a problem is for you to believe beyond every hesitation that you are a responsible person, and ponder within yourself what you could or can do differently  to make things right.  This should not be an excuse to heap blame upon yourself.

“Peak performance begins with your taking complete responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you.”- Brian Tracy

There is a big difference between blaming yourself and taking responsibility. While the former is the act of self-punishment the latter is that of self-empowerment. Blaming yourself is backward-looking, while taking responsibility is forward-looking in order to achieve your set goals in life.



  • MOG, you are lifted in the name of Jesus name. thanks for lifting me with aspiring wards, remain bless n regards to madam n children

  • Nice one bro

  • DD,
    Thanks for reminding me to evaluate my goals for this year and do the needful. Inspiring piece.


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