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Don’t Be Ignorant of The Word ‘Ignorance’.

          Growing up in South Western Nigeria was interesting. From faith to academics, to sports and social activities, the South-Western part’s pluralistic community values have helped shaped who I am today. I mostly remember so many superstitions that fed on my ignorance and remained a functional part of my faculties.

People who fabricate false information often rely upon ignorance of their target audience.

         As a 12-year old, I remember one funny incident that began to make me doubt and always double check sources and facts about things I have been made to believe by society and networks. It all started when I found myself in trouble with my disciplinarian mother and scheduled to be reproved in the old African way. Then a friend who knew of my dilemma stepped in to help. He told me my mom will forget about punishing me if I can find a way to place a piece of hair from my eye lashes in her flip flops or shoes for her to step on. I was so appreciative and did as he has suggested.  How foolish of me to have gotten my hopes of victory up after doing that. She did wear her flip flops and, unknowingly, stepped on the piece of hair I placed on it. I could have sworn that it even made the punished worse when the time came for me to be disciplined.

       The prehistoric acceptance that the world was flat was based on ignorance of scientific facts or observation. That belief was laid to rest when information and evidence was provided to the contrary.   Above all, we seem to ignore the fact the belief was sustained and violently garrisoned by the then religious order.

Incidentally, the religious enforcement of the ‘world is flat’ system is, once again, reshaping itself in our civilization.  Religious and political figures, in our societies today, are unfairly taking advantage of people’s abilities and strengths, especially on the platform of religion, to control people and fulfill their personal, financial and political agendas.

Ignorance contributes to the vulnerability of being misled and controlled by others.

        Ignorance can lead people to become easy victims of manipulation by scheming strategist and propagandist. When that happens the manipulated may naively begin blindly fighting for causes they or their faith, under factual circumstances, do not support.

          By the way, being educated is no defense against ignorance. Just because someone is smart doesn’t mean he or she is not susceptible to ignorance.  In fact, some intelligent people are some of the worst when it comes to being ignorant. This is because they have formed their own position and opinion, and ignorant of cultural ignorance.

        That been said, I marvel how people with limited knowledge on how to influence proper decision or communicate correct biblical belief swiftly result to making up evidence to support their sentiments even if they lack facts. However, I have come to understand that they do this just to give themselves reasons to judge and condemn others even though they have secret issues that are personally struggling with.

             This act of self-justification and ‘holier than thou’ attitude has created a group of people who now see others as ignoramuses simply because the people do not subscribe to their pattern of thinking or approach to biblical interpretation of values or approach to political views.

            Instead of judging and condemning others, we can relate and communicate with them with the intent to help them see how they can understand and navigate their ways around relationship with Jesus Christ and embrace his teachings and truth as enshrined in the Bible.

           The key to raising a generation that would not be Ignorant of the word ‘Ignorance’, is education and information that can help produce critical thinkers who are humble enough to identify their personal areas of ignorance, where they have been misinformed or manipulated, and work to reverse the power of ignorance in their life and faith.

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