Breaking tradition

Does “Strange” mean wrong or Evil?

A gentleman called in, to air his views, on a gospel music radio show I was presenting in Nigeria many years ago. He labeled a particular genre of music “Strange” and “Wrong”. My question to him was does “Strange” mean wrong or evil?  To which he really had no convincing answer.  Working and speaking with a lot of people, I understood that a lot are convinced some music genres being played in church are repulsive and that such genres should be shut out of the church.

Christian music is an expression of faith in the trinity, a network to praise and bring glory to God the Father, and a great system to encourage each other in their walks and works with the Lord.

The entities through which songs of praise, worship, encouragement and reconciliation are birthed are mostly unacknowledged and in some cases discouraged.

Today we celebrate the award winning, Soulful/Gospel/Contemporary Recording artist gospel artist, from Maryland, U.S.A, Anu Oyeneyin Osileti. 

  1. Please tell us a little about yourself

10346532_10154735632130641_1023193946029950414_nMy name is Anuoluwapo Osilesi, Anu for short. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, but my parents are from Ondo city. I am a sensational gospel artist, who loves God with all of her heart. I am the Brand Ambassador for Vomoz communications ( and also the National Coordinator for WAOMM(Women of Africa Origin in Music Ministry) Won Esther Award in 2012, nominated by Nigeria Gospel Awards, Crystal Gospel Awards, and African Gospel Award in U.K for best Gospel Artist in Diaspora. I am a wife and also a mother and I love to cook too

  1. Any ongoing projects?

Yes so many projects are coming up in 2015. By the special grace of God my Album will be coming out, we have WAOMM 2015 ALL STAR CONCERT, vomoz communications project, TOUR … I will keep you updated as time goes on

  1. Any challenges so far?

Yes, there are always challenges all the time especially in the gospel world. I have not shared this yet with anybody this will be my first time. There are so many times that I have received couple of offers to come and do other genre of music apart from gospel because that is where the money is, and with that I can go far. One thing that helps me face that challenge is that my status on earth is not my will, and the one who placed me on earth which is the Almighty God designed my destiny himself, so therefore choosing me to be a vessel unto honor and to serve him 100% not 50% of the time, will definitely order my steps and provide for all my needs, and so far he has been blowing my mind with unlimited favors. So knowing the will of God for my life, helps me to overcome those challenges of being distracted from the work from God.

  1. What is the next level for your ministry as a gospel artist?

Growth. My overall goal is not only about releasing music for the fun of it, but to make an impact.  I want people to be blessed so it’s all about increasing the Kingdom of God. Right now I have couple of people am mentoring as a gospel artist, and I always say this, it is not about competition, when there is many of us out there serving God through our music, we are wining souls for Christ and the kingdom of God will continue to grow.

  1. What is your dream for the gospel music industry?

10438139_10154735698885641_8479486796332304878_nMy dream for the gospel music industry is that God should enlarge our territory and expand us to the entire world to the point that people cannot do without listening to gospel music. My prayer is that Gospel music will serve as a tool when it comes to inspiration, prayer, deliverance, and healing, getting to learn what God is all about. Sometimes the only time you hear gospel music on other radio stations is on Sundays (mornings), my prayer is that gospel music will not be pushed back, but will be an enrichment to the soul at all times.

  1. How Would You Say the Church is relating with gospel artist & genres of gospel songs?

Well, times are different now, and we have different generation in our Church today, both young and old and each one is bringing creativity to deliver the word of God through music. Of course majority of what we hear now in gospel music is totally different from the past, but I believe we have different gospel artist that carter to both the young and old. The most important thing is that whatever unique sound we as gospel artist want to bring to our music, we must not deviate or get carried away from our primary focus which is to win so many souls for Jesus and increase the Kingdom of God.

  1. Any advice to your fans, the church and upcoming gospel acts?

I want you all to know that I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I pray that God will continue to bless you all for me. One thing I will say to the church and upcoming acts is that in whatever way you are serving God please do diligently, through your diligent act; He will design your life with unlimited favor, immeasurable blessing, unending grace, and incomparable level of elevation. God bless you all.

Featured songs:

You can follow Anu on Facebook Anu Oyeneyin Osilesi, twitter – @anumusic1  and also watch more of her wonderful videos here;


A Tribute to Andréa Edward Crouch.  July 1 1942 – Jan 8th 2015. (Aged 72)


  • Started playing piano for church services at the age of 11.
  • Wrote his fist gospel song when he was 14 years.
  • Mostly referred to as “father of modern gospel music by contemporary gospel music professionals.

Won seven Grammys

  • 1975: Best Soul Gospel Performance Take Me Back
  • 1978: Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album Live in London
  • 1979: Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album I’ll Be Thinking of You
  • 1980: Best Gospel Performance, Contemporary or Inspirational “The Lord’s Prayer” (collaborative)
  • 1981: Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album Don’t Give Up
  • 1984: Best Soul Gospel Performance, Male “Always Remember”
  • 1994: Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album Mercy

GMA Dove Awards

  • Soul/Black gospel album 1977 – This is another day (Light)
  • 1978 – Live in London (Light)
  • Contemporary gospel album of the year 1985 – No Time To Lose (Light)
  • 1998 – Pray (Qwest/Warner Bros.)
  • Traditional gospel album of the year 1993 – With all of my heart; Sandra Crouch and Friends (Sparrow)
  • Contemporary gospel recorded song of the year 1997 – “Take me back”; Tribute—The Songs of Andrae Crouch (songwriter) (Warner Alliance)
  • Inducted into the Gospel Music Association’s Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1998

Other Honors

  • Nominated for an Oscar for The Color Purple (1985)
  • NARAS’ Inaugural Salute to Gospel Music Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, 2005
  • Christian Music Hall of Fame and Museum inductee, 2007
  • How Sweet the Sound Living Legend Award, 2012
  • May his soul rest in peace.  Amen


  • Strange truelly doesn’t always mean wrong bcos strange can b gud sumtimes, if strange is worng den it will simply mean Jesus did a whole lot of wrong things bcos most if not all of d things He did while on earth were strange. Well tnks for d encouragement to young artist like us but the truth is most of our churches (especially in Nigeria) do not try when it comes to encouragement of our young artist (financially); for instance a church invites a youth minister 4 a program to minister they are bless by d song and even give comment after d ministration but their pockets are hardly ever moved to support God’s work in d youth’s life forgettin dat heshe doesn’t enter d studio to record d song for free, even when this youth manages to release an album dey will hardly buy or will wait for d price to drop or worse of all wait till sum1 copies it in2 a system and den dey collect. So now how do u blame d youths that take d offer to do other genre of music aside gospel, well my prayer is encouragement will come 4 us 4rm God nd 4rm as many as He lays in their hearts to do and also dat He will keep us on dis right path no matter how good an offer to go d other way is.


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