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Dealing with Distractions

One of the exciting times I really look forward to, besides spending time with family, is a meeting with a very dear friend and a brother. We meet almost bimonthly, as time permits, over coffee to discuss short and long term goals with special emphasis on goals we really consider strategic. Because he is well advanced in career, experience, and maturity in various aspect of life, I get to learn from him.  As we settled down, I wasted no time in unfolding the status of my endeavors and goals, in a long narrative. He eventually had his turn about the status of his project and goals too. By the end of the discourse, we were able to identify a ‘presupposed positive’ personal distraction as a major factor slowing down take off many projects and slowing down the speed of others. Sometimes, what you think is a good virtue could be a big distraction.

eagle1Strategic time management and building a disciplined mindset can help you handle distractions.

I got home and started thinking of ways to handle my distractions. At the end I found some, two of which are: to get strategic with the concepts of self-discipline, focus and priority, and embrace self-responsibility to pursue my goals by engaging in core activities, to help enhance productivity in significant areas of my life.

The solution to my distraction could be peculiar to me. In your case you might only need to take care of one area and the rest of the distractions will gradually become a thing of the past. However, the choice is really yours.

‘Always know you will end up becoming the recipient of the consequences of your choices. If you make bad choices, you get to suffer for it, but if you make good choices, you get to enjoy it’. Elder Dimas Doya


Distraction could be self-inflicted. In other words, it is possible for you to be the cause of you distraction. Self-distraction includes self-deceit, spending time looking for unnecessary attention for selfish reasons, looking for people to confirm your importance at all times and places.

”The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others.” Fyodor Dostoyevsky

libraryDealing with distractions could be a daunting task. A lot of people choose to ignore it instead of finding solutions as to how to handle them. Truly, some distractions really are always present. In such cases you might have to adjust your schedule or the pattern of your day to be able to achieve your set goals. For example, you need to ask yourself what time and where is best to carry out your tasks?  What distractions could arise in this time and how will you react to them when they do? Do you need to turn off your phone or other device? Do you need to move to where you can gain and use knowledge so as become who God has created you to be or remain with instinct and culture as your only source of information?

Distraction is free, and supply is endless.The choice is really yours.






  • I woke up at past 2am only to found myself confused on what to say or do to myself to kill off the confusion in me which I barely could say anything about at this moment. As I picked my phone to check if I could engage myself with any meaning assignment only to found myself reading from the blog of my mentor, Pastor Dimas David Doya and here you engaged me with your words of wisdom as usual. But here sir I got problem with this ‘Self distraction’ which I see it that many are enslave to it ignorantly in the name of being reknown by what they feel is self glory acclaim which I’m not longer interested but to ask you this question: how can one deal with self distraction when one believe in his sort personal glory in all sphere of doing what one probably feels he’s doing it for someone or some kind of group or God?

    • Hello Nehemiah, it is a journey u need to commit to.

  • DD,
    You have profoundly highlighted what most deal with, the stumbling blocks to achieving set goals. In the end, most do what they really and sincerely want to do. When something “stands” in our way, perhaps, it’s because we are not really determined to do it yet, I see myself always making time for those things I really and sincerely want to do. Nothing seems to stop me from those things that I really and sincerely selfishly desire to do. Most of the goals we complain we are hindered or barred from achieving, in most cases, require selflessness and sacrifice that we are not ready for or willing to make, at least from my perspective. We should all adopt the Nike payoff line (slogan) …..”just do it”…….

  • Two things I captured so strong which are the primary tools to succeed and defeat Distraction…”Focus and priority”.With these I can be strong to face the journey,succeed and achieve my objectives.Thank you Big Bro,you are a divine influence in our lives.

  • I think distraction is cheap, but it has a high cost because of the alternative forgone.


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