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Believe What God Says You Can Be

Sundays after church are great times for my family and me. We get to hang out for breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast spot and get zestfully served by our favorite waiter called Jonathan. We are always happy to leave the biggest tip for this man because he loves what he does for a living and is sure good at it.

focus3Most often, we get to sit where large parties of 5 to 10 people sit on a table. Jonathan covers at least 4 of these tables. It sometimes get overwhelmingly busy inside. But most often, families sometimes wait for tables to be free in that part of the eatery and specially ask the management to get Jonathan to wait their tables.

Excuses and self-pity are great friends. Nobody says they should be your friends.   

After several visits, I observed one unique thing about this 6 foot 4 inches tall man: He takes orders from all parties on all his tables at the same time without taking notes and brings out the food without missing anything everybody ordered.

I got curious last Sunday and asked ‘Hey Jonathan, how do you takes orders from over fifteen people without taking notes and still never miss a thing’. He pointed to his head and then up and said ‘It’s a gift from God. Also I have been working here for 17 years.’ He then went ahead to tell us of a new place he just got hired to work in the evenings.

Surprisingly, his new boss is actually a regular in the breakfast restaurant too and was so impressed with his service so much so he had to offer him a job in another eatery when he is not working his morning shift.

My wife and I accepted the invitation to visit him in the new place.Purpose7

Focus is a key component for achieving excellence.

Jonathan understood that a key component of excellence is focus. His dedication to his talent has not only opened doors to him but has also opened the door to his new employer as many of his clients from the breakfast spot have decided to visit his new place of employment to support him as he continues to plan his wedding after the passing away of his first wife.

You believe your doctors, pilots, pharmacist etc. Believe what God says you can be then you can do what you created to do. Start developing that talent you have longed to express.

Stop wasting your time on things that you cannot change. Instead, focus on things that impact the present because they shape your life goals towards excellence.

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