I am an Author, Pastor, Blogger and Inspirational Speaker who believes  information and inspiration is what people need to make a difference wherever they find themselves. My interest includes cybersecurity, training leaders and staff in team work, productivity and effective time management

I am also an infatuated  believer  of Jesus Christ  with years of exposure in teaching, church planting and administration, and evangelism.

With  insatiable yearning  for Bible  study and discipleship, I love to go about  Christianity as embedded in the bible which is the supreme truth and avoid sentimental opinion and interpretation that lacks scriptural justification.

You will surely catch me around my lovely family, hanging with friends, soccer, watching wild life documentaries or investigation shows when am not resting, working,  reading or writing.

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  • great to see what Jehovah is doing through you brother. May Jehovah strengthen you & give you a deeper insight into HIS Word in Jesus name.

  • Christianity has been monetized so much that the central theme has been distorted. However, it is time to arise and address these distortions as quick as possible before night comes when we cannot work.
    May grace our Our Lord Jesus abound to us to empower us to carry the old rugged cross to the un-evangelized.

  • Great is God’s faithfulness

  • Good work David!


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