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While hanging out with a friend, during a short visit to London, I kept looking at ‘the wrong’ direction when crossing the road. Understanding that I came from a left hand drive society, my friend had to keep a closer look on where my head turns to every time we approached the road. I kept making the same mistake but, eventually, got it right. I began to look at the ‘right direction’ before I crossed the roads.

Some things happen in the process of time. However, the concept of progress of a process is really no longer popular with us creatures living in a world of time and process.

A generation that knows of only miracle can never understand the concept of process and embrace the progress of a process.

In a sense, it is challenging to experience instant success when it comes to making difficult changes in life. Most changes take time. It also takes an understanding that you might hit bumps on the paths to achieving your goals.

Like me, I bet you must have started the year 2017 with great determination and expectation to make it better that the year 2016.

“Welcome the new year full of things that have never been”- Rainer Maria Rilke

Here are few tips to help as you start a New Year filled with opportunities:

  1.  Listen more to God’s instructions and people. If you pay attention to what people are saying you would also know what they are not saying.
  2. Push away the tradition of men and embrace knowledge and information: Pray when you need to pray, study when you need to study and put your mind to use when you need to. Don’t spiritualize when you need to prioritize.
  3. Embrace the concept of process: Some goals and ideas take time to take shape or become successful.
  4. Invest in relationships that challenge you instead of suppressing you: Look for people who will help you know how to think and not what to think.
  5. Quit looking for people’s approval and the false sense of hope it comes with: Most people who live and feed on public ovation and attention are susceptible to doing all manner of silly and ungodly things to remain relevant so the ovation can keep coming.
  6. Add a good character to your good appearance: There is no need to mock the message of grace and love with a life that makes people comment only about your appearance and possessions but think otherwise of your character and attitude as a Christian.
  7. Act on your Plans: Desires don’t produce results. Action does.


“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”- Oprah Winfrey

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